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Arrival-departure: arrangements for transportation

The Local Organizing Committee is prepared to arrange for meeting Conference participants at the airport of Chelyabinsk or Yekaterinburg and driving them to the Malachite Hotel in Chelyabinsk. To make these arrangements, we will need to get the following arrival information at least 2 weeks ahead of the start of the Conference: airport (Yekaterinburg or Chelyabinsk), exact arrival date and time, airline company, flight number. To provide the participants with transportation from the hotel to the airport, we will need analogous information (airport, departure date and time, airline company, flight number).
The Organizing Committee would request the Conference participants to take into consideration the obvious advantages of planning your trip through Moscow directly to Chelyabinsk. That would save you a 3 hour drive from Yekaterinburg to Chelyabinsk.
If you are making a transit flight through Moscow to Chelyabinsk, please, make sure you don’t need to claim your luggage upon arrival in Moscow and check it again for the Chelyabinsk flight.

City transportation services

Airport – City – airport

Vehicle typeItineraryPrices (rur)
Passenger carChelyabinsk:
airport ↔ hotel
Business–class carChelyabinsk:
airport ↔ hotel
Bus (3 hrs, minimum)Chelyabinsk:
airport ↔ hotel
Passenger carChelyabinsk–Yekaterinburg:
Chelyabinsk ↔ airport Koltsovo

Within Chelyabinsk city

Vehicle typeItineraryPrices (rur/hr)
Passenger carAbout the city 600
VIP Bus (3 hrs, minimum)About the city 800

Outside of Chelyabinsk city

Vehicle typeItineraryPrices (rur/km)
VIP BusOut of town21,5
Passenger carOut of town14,5
Foreign brand of carOut of town15,5
Note: prices are indicated for a single (one-way) drive. To order, please, indicate the exact address and phone number. If a car is sent to meet/see off a person at/to the airport, the flight number, airline company, exact arrival/departure time, destination should be indicated.
Transportation can be ordered via phone +7 (351) 725-99-40; +7 (351) 725-99-40
and via e-mail: booking@easyhotels.ru
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